R1 and R2 is a new two-step program that strengthens the skin. It provides real relief during radiotherapy treatments.

R1 and R2 improve patients’ quality of life and its clinically proven to reduce

  • Skin Irritation
  • Release of mediators
  • Dryness of skin

Skin toxicity is one of the side effects of radiotherapy that can affect the patient’s therapeutic program and may reduce their quality of life.

What happens to your skin during and after radiation treatment

The skin’s reaction to ionizing radiation varies according to the volume irradiated, dose administered, treatment guidelines and radio-sensitivity of exposed tissue. Side effects may vary and include erythema, pigmentation, hair loss, atrophy, fibrosis, dryness and peeling of skin, edema and ulceration. The acute inflammatory reaction caused by cell destruction in the basal layer of the epidermis, and by dermal exposure, manifests itself as erythema and may gradually develop into exudative dermatitis.

Why R1 and R2 have been developed

Water-Jel Technologies, the company that developed and manufactures R1 and R2, is a world leader and expert in the treatment of burns. R1 and R2 are solutions to the problem of treating the side effects experienced by skin during and after radiotherapy treatment.

The innovative new cooling treatment cools the damaged area in two stages through cooling, relieving pain, hydrating the skin in the short- and long-term. It incorporates LACTOKINE, a milk protein in its formulation, which helps to strengthen the cell’s ability to withstand stress.

Where to buy
  • Combination Pack
  • R2 (Six week course)
  • R1 (Six week course)